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Tinnitus Cures

It's time to go to bed.  Oh no!  My partner in bed was a ringing, whooshing sound and it wasn't any fun.  Were there tinnitus cures?  I would have killed to find one.

The ringing of ears which was somewhat in the background during the day was front and center at night.  I used earplugs, drugs, soft music and considered just ramming my head into the wall a time or two.

Ringing of Ears- The Onset

Ringing of the ears can show up out of nowhere for some people or take its time and progress slowly for others.  Mine began by showing up at bedtime and making sleep virtually impossible.  At first I discovered that earplugs and jamming my head into the pillow would help me go to sleep.  Then the ringing of ears got worse.

As the condition progressed the doctor gave me drugs.  They didn't give me much relief and the side effects weren't good.  I tried all of the tinnitus cures I heard or read about.  Nothing really helped but I know now that some of these cures would have helped if combined with other changes in my life.

Why Tinnitus?

The responsibility for ringing of the ears is usually due to loud sounds in a work atmosphere.  My problem was from loud music over many years.  I was a musician and the guitars and cymbals took there toll.  For others it could be a factory or some other work related noises that were heard over a period of time.  I discovered that my electric coffee grinder made my tinnitus worse. There are many contributors to the problem.

I started exercising and got temporary relief; for a while.  Dietary changes also helped; for a while.  The doctor prescribed prescription drugs and that  also helped; for a while.  I began my search for various tinnitus cures.  I wanted to find a permanent solution to ringing of ears.

My Cure

I found that a combination of many holistic remedies without the drugs started to work for me.  I was able to sleep better and that was huge!  I hadn't woke up feeling refreshed for so long that I'd forgotten how good it felt.

My ringing of the ears was much better within a week and I felt like a totally new person.  I'm not completely without symptoms but I'm so much better and progressing.  I see changes daily and I know that a permanent cure is near.  It's simple, painless and has resulted in me not only living a life without constant noise but I'm healthier and happier than I was before the onset of tinnitus.

I hope you check out the program that's working for me.  Click here to discover a great plan to return to a happy, quiet life.

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