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Tinnitus Cures and Acupuncture: A Tinnitus Treatment That Works?

I think it’s safe to say that most of us with ringing ears are always on the lookout for tinnitus cures.  We’ll look at and probably try anything that we hear has been effective in curing tinnitus for someone.

Alternative tinnitus treatments are popular and acupuncture combined with herbs has resulted in improvement for many.  Basically the belief is that there may be an imbalance in our system that is resulting in disease, pain or possibly tinnitus.

With acupuncture, a practitioner diagnoses the patient by asking about their complete health history as a factor in assessing the problem.  They will study body heat, pulse, a patient’s tongue and overall health.

A Painless Process That Made Me Feel Great

Once a plan is finalized the therapist uses very thin needles that are painless and inserted where the practitioner feels that the healing needs to come from.  My experience was that I felt incredibly relaxed and happy.  It was almost like my condition wasn’t going to bother me as much no matter whether the tinnitus treatment cured me or not.

I found out later that the good feeling I was getting was due to chemicals being released which cause relaxation and a sense of relief.  Herbs are also prescribed that work hand in hand with the acupuncture to hopefully assist in the process of curing tinnitus.

My experience with any so called tinnitus cures is not to expect too much.  I think this is a defense mechanism so that I won’t be disappointed if a miracle doesn’t take place.

I was introduced to some people through the Tinnitus Remedy program that had tried acupuncture and felt it really was a bona fide tinnitus treatment.  They felt that the level of relief you received from the treatment was also dependent on the skill of the practitioner.

Tinnitus Cures for Everyone?

My belief is that there are no tinnitus cures that work for everyone.  Curing tinnitus can happen but it is a very individual process that varies for all of us depending on why we have the condition.  What works for me might not work for someone else and vice versa.

It’s difficult for me however not to crusade for the Tinnitus Remedy program as that is what has lead to my condition improving so much.  The idea is that if you approach this problem with a holistic program, you will receive relief.  It may not come over night.  It took a few weeks before I started seeing a change.

The improvement is still taking place and I have a bad night now and then.  The bottom line is that I’m living a normal life and finding that life a pretty wonderful all over again.

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