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Tinnitus Relief: Ginkgo Biloba May Help Your Ear Ringing

There’s a ton of information out there about remedies for tinnitus relief.  Among natural supplements that are mentioned as helping tinnitus, ginkgo biloba is usually at the top of the list.  Does it really help ear ringing?

I subscribe to many journals that deal with the problem of tinnitus and I came across a statement that read: “Ginkgo biloba has positive effects as a tinnitus treatment”.  This was from the American Academy of Family Physicians.

If you ‘ve been down the road of doctors prescribing medications that supposedly help your tinnitus but really only work as a band aid at best, you tend to have an open mind with treatment possibilities. I did and my research showed that ginkgo is claimed by some to help those suffering from dementia and its different forms.

Why Ginkgo Works

The key to Ginkgo’s effectiveness is that it aids in circulation throughout the body and particularly the brain.  It seems that most tinnitus cases improve if circulation increases.  It’s touted as a natural blood thinner.

Some researchers believe that ear ringing results from not enough blood flowing to the area of the inner ear.  If this is truly the case and ginkgo biloba increases blood flow, then it would follow that this natural supplement could give tinnitus relief in many cases.

Ginkgo Plus Other Supplements May Work for You

Other supplements have been reported to be somewhat effective by tinnitus sufferers.  Among these are Vitamins B6 and B12.  The idea is to combine these with Ginkgo.  Zinc and magnesium have also been said to work to help lessen ear ringing when taken daily.

I have been taking these supplements daily along with other herbs that are believed by the Chinese and other cultures to have healing properties when faced with problems of the ears including ringing or hearing loss.

A few things that need to be avoided are alcohol, aspirin, caffeine and nicotine.  These restrict the veins and arteries giving you less blood flow.

My recovery from tinnitus has involved the use of supplements in combination with many other natural and holistic treatments.  I’ve found tinnitus relief from a completely natural program that I highly recommend.  Check it out here for more information.


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