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Tinnitus Cures: Can Mindful Meditation Get Rid of Your Ringing in the Ears?

Our world as tinnitus victims can revolve around rumors of the latest tinnitus cures.  It’s obvious why that is.  People in pain are looking for a way out.  We all know that tinnitus fits the pain role well.

On this site I’ve talked about constant ringing in the ears and how it affects our lives.  I’ve shared some of the methods that work for me and mindful meditation is another factor in my recovery.


Mindful Meditation

Meditation is basically a means of quieting the mind and achieving a higher state of relaxation and oneness with God or spirit or whatever you choose to call it.  Mindful meditation is also a relaxation technique that is a little different.

Rather than attempting to empty your mind of thoughts and noises, you study them as they appear and try to understand it and accept them.  The purpose of this is to allow your brain to regard these noises as quite normal and to start ignoring them.

Your Mind Filters Out the Common Place Sounds

Anything that you start regarding as everyday, normal, common sounds or thought will eventually be disregarded by your mind as being unimportant as many other daily thoughts and sounds are.

When this happens, they are pushed back out of the conscious part of your mind and in this way aren’t front and center each and every minute of each and every day.  Isn’t that one of the tinnitus cures that each of us are looking for?  We want a break from the constant ringing in the ears.

Keeping an Open Mind

When I began this practice I was a bit skeptical but kept an open mind.  Being open to anything that might help is critical with tinnitus or any other condition you may be dealing with.

There are different techniques but the one I do involves a few breathing techniques and counting slowly down from 500.  It only takes 15 to 20 minutes a day.  That’s nothing for achieving a long awaited  sense of relief and peace.

The Tinnitus Remedy book was the turning point for me as it made many of the techniques or tinnitus cures into a daily program which gave me discipline and purpose and it worked.  It even includes a one on one counseling session with the creator of the program.

I highly recommend the program as I do think it will help you get relief and a progressive lessening of the constant ringing in the ears.


Ringing in the Ears Can Drive You Crazy: Some Tips That Helped Me

Tinnitus or ringing in the ears has an interesting side effect:  It can make you crazy.  Maybe you don’t need rubber walls and a strait jacket but I’ve come close.

The most sane person on the planet cannot go without sleep for long or that person will start exhibiting strange quirks and downright nuttiness.  Can you sleep with your ears ringing?  I can’t.  Well I can’t sleep very well anyhow.

I’ve gotten letters from readers of this site and I know that many of you have been through the same round of cure seeking behavior as I have.  Doctors and drugs, masking agents, don’t drink caffeine and don’t forget to exercise.  It’s not easy to break out into jumping jacks when you haven’t slept in two days.

I Can Give You an Idea of What’s Working for Me and Here Are a Few Tips:

•    Anything that you do that cleanses your body will help.  Getting rid of toxins is a good health practice but especially for us tinnitus people.  Drink a ton of water.  Carry a bottle around with you and yep, you’ll be in the bathroom a little more than usual, but it’s a good thing.

•    Exercise!  Did I say that before?  Yeah you were afraid I was going to say it again.  The fact is it will help by increasing the flow of blood to the brain.  A long walk can do wonders and it will help you sleep.

•    It may sound New Agey to many of you but changing the way I looked at ringing in the ears helped.  I don’t mean I welcomed it but I started working on convincing myself through visualization that my ears ringing was getting better.  I’d convinced myself after talking to doctors and others that shared the problem that there “Was no cure”.  It’s not true!

The answer to my ringing in the ears came with some of the tips above combined with a holistic program.  This program was developed by a former sufferer and it’s working for me and others that have contacted me.  I feel strongly that this program can help your problem of ears ringing also.  Read details here.


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