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Ringing of Ears and Hypnotherapy

All of us who suffer with tinnitus or ringing of ears are open to anything that can help.  Can hypnotherapy help with tinnitus?

First, what is hypnotherapy?  A hypnotherapist is a professional, usually a psychologist, who is trained in the art of hypnosis and using hypnosis to get in touch with the subconscious mind.

You are placed into a relaxed state of near sleep although you are awake and aware.  In this state the therapist works with parts of your mind that are associated with whatever your problem is.  It’s important to keep in mind that at any time in this process you feel the need to end the session, you’re able to do it.  You won’t do anything you wouldn’t normally do.

Will Hypnotherapy Help Tinnitus?

Tinnitus causes are many and there is much debate on what is behind most of the cases of severe tinnitus.  Even though your tinnitus may have been caused by loud sounds or whatever, there is more to it than just that.

This is the basis for the phenomenom of phantom sounds.  These sounds are based on a perception of hearing them although they may have no physical basis.  In other words, a high percentage of the ringing of ears you hear may be based on your fear or anxiety about these sounds.

This is why hypnotherapy can be successful in helping those who have minor tinnitus causes in reality and can completely remove noises in some cases.  These cases would be for individuals that probably have no physical damage or reasons to suffer from tinnitus.

So the object of the hypnotherapist is to attempt to retrain the mind into realizing that the basis of these sounds are mental and not physical.  The objective is for you to have a more positive mindset in dealing with your problem.

Your Brain Can Decide What's Important to Hear

The brain’s potential and power should be respected and given the chance to deal with a problem such as ringing of ears.  Your brain has so much imput every day through what you hear and see that it must decide what’s important and what isn’t.  It has the ability to shut out much of these senses and this includes noises in our ears.

This is the basis for the use of hypnotherapy and tinnitus.  It doesn’t deal with physical tinnitus causes but the parts of our mind that might be making the sounds worse or pushing them towards the front of our conscious mind.

I’ve never used hypnotherapy as my ringing of ears was progressing to a near cure when I became aware of it through friends who’d used this technique.  Please read my story and what has and is working for me now.  Click here to read what I’ve experienced.

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