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Ringing in the Ears and Marriage

You don’t hear much about ringing in the ears and marriage.  If your ears ring, buzz or whoosh, you’ve got my sympathy.  I know the pain you’re going through but how about your friends, spouse and relatives?

Does anybody really relate to what you’re going through?  I ask people if they’ve ever had a ringing in their ear.  Most everyone has of course.  I then ask them to imagine that it never stops.

Even with this attempt at arousing empathy, no one can really relate.  Not unless they’ve experienced constant ringing in ears.

Your Mood and Tinnitus

There is a lot of frustration involved with tinnitus.  The doctor wants to give you drugs that either don’t really work or have nasty side effects.  The car down the street has an alarm that’s been going off for about 10 minutes and that’s adding to your problem.

When you combine this with very little to no sleep last night, you’re in a bad place.  The inevitable outcome is you start to lash out at the people you love and live with which is your spouse and children.  Not a good thing.

I felt I wasn't getting the support I needed from my husband.  The fact was he was doing pretty well and helping as best he could.  Our marriage was being threatened.

Time to Take Action

I knew I had to do something and quick.  I started reading everything I could find that dealt with this constant ringing in the ears.  I tried many of the methods I’d been reading about with some improvement.

Holistic methods including meditation were helping but I still was suffering.  I finally bought a program because I basically felt I had nothing to lose.  I heard about it on a forum and people said it was helping them.

My Discovery

The program was natural and holistic but that was only half of it.  It had specific ideas for how to combine many of the things I’d been doing with many that I didn’t know about.  It gave a clear step by step method to follow each day and it worked.

I won’t say that it works for everyone but it’s worked for me and I think it can help anyone.  I now have many days without the “Buzz” and every day is much improved.

Ringing in the ears and marriage don’t live in the same house too well.  I hope that you’ll check into tinnitus remedy today.

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