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Ringing Ears and a Cure: Is There an Answer?

I struggled with ringing ears for too many years.  Did you know that it’s estimated that around 14% of the population in the U.S has a problem with ear ringing?

So that means we’re not alone.  Not by a long shot.  Sharing the problem with so many people sure doesn’t make it feel any better though.

Finding Out I Wasn't Alone

When I started a support group in the sparsely populated mountain area of Northern California where I live, I was amazed at how many people contacted me to talk about their problem.  Most of these people have become friends and we shared much of what was working to help us.

I shared my background of playing in loud bands and going to concerts that were ear splitting loud.  It was so cool.  Nottt!  If I’d only have known.

I could match the stories of unrelieved noises, not sleeping for days, depression and almost losing hope.  Thankfully it was “almost” and not completely giving up.

My Doctor Didn't Know Much

I read everything I could about the problem and found after talking to my doctor that I actually knew much more than he did.  This is pretty typical with the medical establishment and the big T.

My recovery started when I began having a slightly different attitude about the affliction.  I got into the habit of changing my focus as much as I possibly could.  When all I could think about was the roar in my head, I went into denial and thought about the life I really wanted to lead.

It’s strange to talk about denial in a good way but it opened the door to thinking in a more positive, hopeful way.  When the ringing ears really kicked in I sat down and started writing music and playing my guitar(softly).    What ear ringing?  That was my mantra.

I'm Sleeping, Wow!

It just seemed that I started sleeping better and when I didn’t sleep I meditated instead of fantasizing about putting my head through the wall.  Much more positive thought you have to admit.

It just seemed the good things started snowballing for me and then I began the Tinnitus Remedy program and that seemed to be what synthesized everything for me.  I started doing many of the things I was already doing but with a plan.

I’m not saying I don’t have a rough day now and then but they are a surprise now rather than a daily occurrence.  I encourage you to click here if you have ringing ears and would like more information as to what’s helping me.

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