Ringing of Ears My Experiences With Ringing of Ears


Ringing of Ears or Tinnitus- My Story

Have you ever lay down to go to sleep and the neighbor decided to mow his lawn, or maybe fire up a chain saw?  It's not a good thing!  Welcome to the world of Tinnitus or ringing of ears.

The Cause of My Ringing of Ears

I've always loved music and learned to play guitar and bass as a young girl.  I loved rock and roll and especially blues and played in bands starting at a very young age.  Loud was cool and I had no thought for the consequences which is pretty typical for young people.

As the years went by I noticed that often I would hear ringing after finishing a gig but by the next morning it was better and then gone.  Then it didn't go away anymore.  My tinnitus consists of 2 sounds: ringing and a sound I can only describe as what you hear if you put a seashell to your ear.   However the nice sound of waves and wind is much louder than is acceptable.

The Search for Help

I went to the doctor and was prescribed drugs.  These worked for a while but never completely gave me relief.  I knew they weren't the answer and then tried various masking devices.  Some of these also helped but again weren't a cure.

Was there a cure?  I didn't hear anything very positive and slowly became depressed and pretty hopeless.  Nights are the worst time for ringing of the ears because the tinnitus condition is at its worst.  It's really no louder but the quiet of night and the attempt at sleep makes it seem worse and it's more invasive.

I read everything I could about tinnitus and a cure for tinnitus.  Doctors say there is no cure for ringing of ears but I'm here to tell you different.  There IS hope!  I found a plan that works for me and I have a few tips to share with you.

Four Tips

1.  Start working out and taking some long walks.  These activities increase the blood flow to your brain and throughout your entire body.  An increase in blood flow has a positive flow on your entire system and can really help your tinnitus.

2.  Drink plenty of water.  Water cleanses your body and will have a positive impact on any health conditions including noise or ringing of ears.

3.  The only way I could come out of the depression I was experiencing was a total spiritual healing.  I had to see my reality in a completely different way and that meant a change in beliefs.  I had heard of others that had reached a cure for tinnitus and so I began to believe in my heart and soul that I would do it also.  I threw out my old self talk that, "This ringing of the ears can't be cured".

4.  I set a goal that I would do something positive with my life.  I wanted to write and play music again.  I knew that I couldn't play in a band but I could do a solo acoustic act.  I'm still not to the point of making a living from my music but it helped to concentrate on a positive goal instead of ringing of ears.

These tips have nothing to do with drugs, masking or doctors.  However I know that they will help with the level of your tinnitus.  I know because these changes and especially the change of focus helped me and quite quickly.

Is There a Cure for Tinnitus?

Is there a cure for Tinnitus?  I'm not cured yet but I'm so improved that I'm living a better life than I ever have.  I'm healthier, in much better shape and happier than I was before the onset of this condition.

I am using a program that combines many holistic approaches. It seems that the proper combination of many areas such as diet, exercise, meditation and other parts of an overall plan is what really makes this plan effective. I know this program can help you and possibly assist you in total recovery from your tinnitus. Click here for more information on a program I consider a miracle.



Tinnitus Cures and Acupuncture: A Tinnitus Treatment That Works?

I think it’s safe to say that most of us with ringing ears are always on the lookout for tinnitus cures.  We’ll look at and probably try anything that we hear has been effective in curing tinnitus for someone.

Alternative tinnitus treatments are popular and acupuncture combined with herbs has resulted in improvement for many.  Basically the belief is that there may be an imbalance in our system that is resulting in disease, pain or possibly tinnitus.

With acupuncture, a practitioner diagnoses the patient by asking about their complete health history as a factor in assessing the problem.  They will study body heat, pulse, a patient’s tongue and overall health.

A Painless Process That Made Me Feel Great

Once a plan is finalized the therapist uses very thin needles that are painless and inserted where the practitioner feels that the healing needs to come from.  My experience was that I felt incredibly relaxed and happy.  It was almost like my condition wasn’t going to bother me as much no matter whether the tinnitus treatment cured me or not.

I found out later that the good feeling I was getting was due to chemicals being released which cause relaxation and a sense of relief.  Herbs are also prescribed that work hand in hand with the acupuncture to hopefully assist in the process of curing tinnitus.

My experience with any so called tinnitus cures is not to expect too much.  I think this is a defense mechanism so that I won’t be disappointed if a miracle doesn’t take place.

I was introduced to some people through the Tinnitus Remedy program that had tried acupuncture and felt it really was a bona fide tinnitus treatment.  They felt that the level of relief you received from the treatment was also dependent on the skill of the practitioner.

Tinnitus Cures for Everyone?

My belief is that there are no tinnitus cures that work for everyone.  Curing tinnitus can happen but it is a very individual process that varies for all of us depending on why we have the condition.  What works for me might not work for someone else and vice versa.

It’s difficult for me however not to crusade for the Tinnitus Remedy program as that is what has lead to my condition improving so much.  The idea is that if you approach this problem with a holistic program, you will receive relief.  It may not come over night.  It took a few weeks before I started seeing a change.

The improvement is still taking place and I have a bad night now and then.  The bottom line is that I’m living a normal life and finding that life a pretty wonderful all over again.


Tinnitus Cures: Can Mindful Meditation Get Rid of Your Ringing in the Ears?

Our world as tinnitus victims can revolve around rumors of the latest tinnitus cures.  It’s obvious why that is.  People in pain are looking for a way out.  We all know that tinnitus fits the pain role well.

On this site I’ve talked about constant ringing in the ears and how it affects our lives.  I’ve shared some of the methods that work for me and mindful meditation is another factor in my recovery.


Mindful Meditation

Meditation is basically a means of quieting the mind and achieving a higher state of relaxation and oneness with God or spirit or whatever you choose to call it.  Mindful meditation is also a relaxation technique that is a little different.

Rather than attempting to empty your mind of thoughts and noises, you study them as they appear and try to understand it and accept them.  The purpose of this is to allow your brain to regard these noises as quite normal and to start ignoring them.

Your Mind Filters Out the Common Place Sounds

Anything that you start regarding as everyday, normal, common sounds or thought will eventually be disregarded by your mind as being unimportant as many other daily thoughts and sounds are.

When this happens, they are pushed back out of the conscious part of your mind and in this way aren’t front and center each and every minute of each and every day.  Isn’t that one of the tinnitus cures that each of us are looking for?  We want a break from the constant ringing in the ears.

Keeping an Open Mind

When I began this practice I was a bit skeptical but kept an open mind.  Being open to anything that might help is critical with tinnitus or any other condition you may be dealing with.

There are different techniques but the one I do involves a few breathing techniques and counting slowly down from 500.  It only takes 15 to 20 minutes a day.  That’s nothing for achieving a long awaited  sense of relief and peace.

The Tinnitus Remedy book was the turning point for me as it made many of the techniques or tinnitus cures into a daily program which gave me discipline and purpose and it worked.  It even includes a one on one counseling session with the creator of the program.

I highly recommend the program as I do think it will help you get relief and a progressive lessening of the constant ringing in the ears.


Ringing in the Ears Can Drive You Crazy: Some Tips That Helped Me

Tinnitus or ringing in the ears has an interesting side effect:  It can make you crazy.  Maybe you don’t need rubber walls and a strait jacket but I’ve come close.

The most sane person on the planet cannot go without sleep for long or that person will start exhibiting strange quirks and downright nuttiness.  Can you sleep with your ears ringing?  I can’t.  Well I can’t sleep very well anyhow.

I’ve gotten letters from readers of this site and I know that many of you have been through the same round of cure seeking behavior as I have.  Doctors and drugs, masking agents, don’t drink caffeine and don’t forget to exercise.  It’s not easy to break out into jumping jacks when you haven’t slept in two days.

I Can Give You an Idea of What’s Working for Me and Here Are a Few Tips:

•    Anything that you do that cleanses your body will help.  Getting rid of toxins is a good health practice but especially for us tinnitus people.  Drink a ton of water.  Carry a bottle around with you and yep, you’ll be in the bathroom a little more than usual, but it’s a good thing.

•    Exercise!  Did I say that before?  Yeah you were afraid I was going to say it again.  The fact is it will help by increasing the flow of blood to the brain.  A long walk can do wonders and it will help you sleep.

•    It may sound New Agey to many of you but changing the way I looked at ringing in the ears helped.  I don’t mean I welcomed it but I started working on convincing myself through visualization that my ears ringing was getting better.  I’d convinced myself after talking to doctors and others that shared the problem that there “Was no cure”.  It’s not true!

The answer to my ringing in the ears came with some of the tips above combined with a holistic program.  This program was developed by a former sufferer and it’s working for me and others that have contacted me.  I feel strongly that this program can help your problem of ears ringing also.  Read details here.


Will Stem Cell Research Lead to a Tinnitus Cure?

Some of the stem cell research that’s taking place now is aimed at finding a tinnitus cure.  There is guarded optimism that this research might actually result in a cure for at least some people suffering from ringing of ears and tinnitus.

Basically the stem cells would be removed from embryos and converted to a different cell form.  These cells would then be used to grow new and hopefully healthy nerves in the ear.

Most scientists working in the hearing field feel that the majority of tinnitus cases are connected to being exposed to noises in the environment or workplace that were damaging over time to the ears.

My Tinnitus Was Caused by the Most Common Reason: Noise!

For me this is true.  Loud music lead me down the road to tinnitus.

People doing stem cell research feel that if they can regrow the hair cells in the inner ear, they would take over where damaged cells are no longer able to function resulting in ringing of ears.  Many types of stem cell testing are being done and finding a tinnitus cure is just one area that’s being looked into.

The problem lies in the fact that if the research shows promise then more testing must be done.  After that if the research shows a real cure is available, then there is normally a waiting period to get government approval, etc.

The cure if it comes would probably take another 10 years before it becomes available to the public.  That’s too long folks if you suffer like I did.  I needed something yesterday or at least now!

Many Remedies That We All Try

There are many remedies that are talked about but they seem to work for some people and not for others.  Then there are drugs and surgery which really haven’t shown much success.

Many of us first notice tinnitus when we’re trying to sleep.  My tinnitus when it began was pretty minor during the day but really starting roaring at night.  The result was little to no sleep.  I used ear plugs and for awhile they actually helped me get to sleep.

My tinnitus progressed as it does for most sufferers and pretty soon nothing seemed to work.  Not getting a good night’s sleep just makes it worse and from there it’s a downward spiral.

Not Cured but Getting There

Let me say that I’m not totally over my ringing of ears but I’m progressing towards a tinnitus cure.  The Tinnitus Remedy program consist of holistic, herbal remedies in a disciplined combination that is breaking my tinnitus down one piece at a time.  I hope you’ll go here to read about what’s given me relief and hope for an eventual cure.


Ringing of Ears and Ipods: On the List for Tinnitus Causes?

I sometimes think back to when my ringing of ears first started and how I was surprised that it didn’t go away as it always had before.  You know, yawn or take a deep breath and maybe wait a minute or two and it’ll be gone.

If you don’t have tinnitus imagine how you’d feel if it didn’t go away, ever, and you’ll have some idea of the anxiety tinnitus  causes.  Most of us who have the big T have tried anything and everything.  Let’s see: drugs, devices that mask sound, diet and exercise.  I even know a lady that was told if she ate half a potato and buried the other half in the ground, that would cure her.   She did it.  I don’t think it worked.

What's the Danger with MP3's?

The word is now out that the generation that has grown up with MP3’s is in real danger of ringing of ears down the road.  MP3's are powerful and many use them almost all of their waking hours.

Back in the day you couldn’t walk around with music constantly blaring from the radio.  It just wasn’t right to do that in public.  Now it’s private and it can be played LOUD!

When I was younger playing in bands and going to ear piercing concerts, I never worried about my hearing.  My parents warned me I’d go deaf.  They never said anything about ear ringing driving you crazy.  I doubt if it mattered because I wouldn’t have listened.  That’s part of being young.

MP3's Can be Used Safely

There are some things that people can do to help MP3’s from becoming one of a long list of tinnitus causes.  Researchers say to give your ears a rest and only listen for no more than an hour a day.

If you listen at a high volume, turn it down.  This can really make a difference.  If you notice that your ears are ringing a little more than normal, try not listening for awhile and see if that helps.

It’s hard to put into words how tinnitus changes and can wreck lives.  I wouldn’t wish it on anybody and especially my children.

I hope that reading articles on this site can make people aware of tinnitus causes.  If you suffer from ringing of ears, I hope you’ll read this page to learn about a program that has helped me live a normal life again.  Check out the Tinnitus Remedy.


Tinnitus Relief: Ginkgo Biloba May Help Your Ear Ringing

There’s a ton of information out there about remedies for tinnitus relief.  Among natural supplements that are mentioned as helping tinnitus, ginkgo biloba is usually at the top of the list.  Does it really help ear ringing?

I subscribe to many journals that deal with the problem of tinnitus and I came across a statement that read: “Ginkgo biloba has positive effects as a tinnitus treatment”.  This was from the American Academy of Family Physicians.

If you ‘ve been down the road of doctors prescribing medications that supposedly help your tinnitus but really only work as a band aid at best, you tend to have an open mind with treatment possibilities. I did and my research showed that ginkgo is claimed by some to help those suffering from dementia and its different forms.

Why Ginkgo Works

The key to Ginkgo’s effectiveness is that it aids in circulation throughout the body and particularly the brain.  It seems that most tinnitus cases improve if circulation increases.  It’s touted as a natural blood thinner.

Some researchers believe that ear ringing results from not enough blood flowing to the area of the inner ear.  If this is truly the case and ginkgo biloba increases blood flow, then it would follow that this natural supplement could give tinnitus relief in many cases.

Ginkgo Plus Other Supplements May Work for You

Other supplements have been reported to be somewhat effective by tinnitus sufferers.  Among these are Vitamins B6 and B12.  The idea is to combine these with Ginkgo.  Zinc and magnesium have also been said to work to help lessen ear ringing when taken daily.

I have been taking these supplements daily along with other herbs that are believed by the Chinese and other cultures to have healing properties when faced with problems of the ears including ringing or hearing loss.

A few things that need to be avoided are alcohol, aspirin, caffeine and nicotine.  These restrict the veins and arteries giving you less blood flow.

My recovery from tinnitus has involved the use of supplements in combination with many other natural and holistic treatments.  I’ve found tinnitus relief from a completely natural program that I highly recommend.  Check it out here for more information.


Ringing of Ears and Hypnotherapy

All of us who suffer with tinnitus or ringing of ears are open to anything that can help.  Can hypnotherapy help with tinnitus?

First, what is hypnotherapy?  A hypnotherapist is a professional, usually a psychologist, who is trained in the art of hypnosis and using hypnosis to get in touch with the subconscious mind.

You are placed into a relaxed state of near sleep although you are awake and aware.  In this state the therapist works with parts of your mind that are associated with whatever your problem is.  It’s important to keep in mind that at any time in this process you feel the need to end the session, you’re able to do it.  You won’t do anything you wouldn’t normally do.

Will Hypnotherapy Help Tinnitus?

Tinnitus causes are many and there is much debate on what is behind most of the cases of severe tinnitus.  Even though your tinnitus may have been caused by loud sounds or whatever, there is more to it than just that.

This is the basis for the phenomenom of phantom sounds.  These sounds are based on a perception of hearing them although they may have no physical basis.  In other words, a high percentage of the ringing of ears you hear may be based on your fear or anxiety about these sounds.

This is why hypnotherapy can be successful in helping those who have minor tinnitus causes in reality and can completely remove noises in some cases.  These cases would be for individuals that probably have no physical damage or reasons to suffer from tinnitus.

So the object of the hypnotherapist is to attempt to retrain the mind into realizing that the basis of these sounds are mental and not physical.  The objective is for you to have a more positive mindset in dealing with your problem.

Your Brain Can Decide What's Important to Hear

The brain’s potential and power should be respected and given the chance to deal with a problem such as ringing of ears.  Your brain has so much imput every day through what you hear and see that it must decide what’s important and what isn’t.  It has the ability to shut out much of these senses and this includes noises in our ears.

This is the basis for the use of hypnotherapy and tinnitus.  It doesn’t deal with physical tinnitus causes but the parts of our mind that might be making the sounds worse or pushing them towards the front of our conscious mind.

I’ve never used hypnotherapy as my ringing of ears was progressing to a near cure when I became aware of it through friends who’d used this technique.  Please read my story and what has and is working for me now.  Click here to read what I’ve experienced.


Ringing Ears and a Cure: Is There an Answer?

I struggled with ringing ears for too many years.  Did you know that it’s estimated that around 14% of the population in the U.S has a problem with ear ringing?

So that means we’re not alone.  Not by a long shot.  Sharing the problem with so many people sure doesn’t make it feel any better though.

Finding Out I Wasn't Alone

When I started a support group in the sparsely populated mountain area of Northern California where I live, I was amazed at how many people contacted me to talk about their problem.  Most of these people have become friends and we shared much of what was working to help us.

I shared my background of playing in loud bands and going to concerts that were ear splitting loud.  It was so cool.  Nottt!  If I’d only have known.

I could match the stories of unrelieved noises, not sleeping for days, depression and almost losing hope.  Thankfully it was “almost” and not completely giving up.

My Doctor Didn't Know Much

I read everything I could about the problem and found after talking to my doctor that I actually knew much more than he did.  This is pretty typical with the medical establishment and the big T.

My recovery started when I began having a slightly different attitude about the affliction.  I got into the habit of changing my focus as much as I possibly could.  When all I could think about was the roar in my head, I went into denial and thought about the life I really wanted to lead.

It’s strange to talk about denial in a good way but it opened the door to thinking in a more positive, hopeful way.  When the ringing ears really kicked in I sat down and started writing music and playing my guitar(softly).    What ear ringing?  That was my mantra.

I'm Sleeping, Wow!

It just seemed that I started sleeping better and when I didn’t sleep I meditated instead of fantasizing about putting my head through the wall.  Much more positive thought you have to admit.

It just seemed the good things started snowballing for me and then I began the Tinnitus Remedy program and that seemed to be what synthesized everything for me.  I started doing many of the things I was already doing but with a plan.

I’m not saying I don’t have a rough day now and then but they are a surprise now rather than a daily occurrence.  I encourage you to click here if you have ringing ears and would like more information as to what’s helping me.


Ringing in the Ears and Marriage

You don’t hear much about ringing in the ears and marriage.  If your ears ring, buzz or whoosh, you’ve got my sympathy.  I know the pain you’re going through but how about your friends, spouse and relatives?

Does anybody really relate to what you’re going through?  I ask people if they’ve ever had a ringing in their ear.  Most everyone has of course.  I then ask them to imagine that it never stops.

Even with this attempt at arousing empathy, no one can really relate.  Not unless they’ve experienced constant ringing in ears.

Your Mood and Tinnitus

There is a lot of frustration involved with tinnitus.  The doctor wants to give you drugs that either don’t really work or have nasty side effects.  The car down the street has an alarm that’s been going off for about 10 minutes and that’s adding to your problem.

When you combine this with very little to no sleep last night, you’re in a bad place.  The inevitable outcome is you start to lash out at the people you love and live with which is your spouse and children.  Not a good thing.

I felt I wasn't getting the support I needed from my husband.  The fact was he was doing pretty well and helping as best he could.  Our marriage was being threatened.

Time to Take Action

I knew I had to do something and quick.  I started reading everything I could find that dealt with this constant ringing in the ears.  I tried many of the methods I’d been reading about with some improvement.

Holistic methods including meditation were helping but I still was suffering.  I finally bought a program because I basically felt I had nothing to lose.  I heard about it on a forum and people said it was helping them.

My Discovery

The program was natural and holistic but that was only half of it.  It had specific ideas for how to combine many of the things I’d been doing with many that I didn’t know about.  It gave a clear step by step method to follow each day and it worked.

I won’t say that it works for everyone but it’s worked for me and I think it can help anyone.  I now have many days without the “Buzz” and every day is much improved.

Ringing in the ears and marriage don’t live in the same house too well.  I hope that you’ll check into tinnitus remedy today.


Pulsatile Tinnitus- What is it and What Can Be Done?

I receive quite a few questions regarding tinnitus but one that’s a little hard for me to answer has to do with pulsatile tinnitus.  Since I work with people with tinnitus locally, I have friends that suffer from this type of the disease.

This kind of tinnitus is like any other in that you hear sounds that no one else hears and it’s disruptive to your normal life.  It’s basically a sound that come and goes along with your pulse.  You hear the ringing, whooshing or whatever the noise might be in the same rhythm as your heart beat or pulse.

What are the Causes of Pulsatile Tinnitus?

Many tinnitus causes are discussed for this type of tinnitus but there is no one reason for it’s presence.  Researchers don’t even agree on why some get tinnitus and others don’t.

I often wonder why loud music brought my tinnitus on and the Rolling Stones seem to have no problem.  One explanation for pulsatile tinnitus is that the Eustachian tube in the ear doesn’t close as it should and the fact that it’s open causes your pulse or heartbeat to be heard as an echo.

I Don't Really Care About the Cause

It’s also believed that high blood pressure and antibiotics can be a cause of this problem.  Tinnitus causes are many and few.  My take on this is who knows what the cause is and I really don’t care.

My interest is in a cure or a lessening of the problem.  It’s like going to the dentist with a horrible toothache.  You don’t care what he does as long as it makes the pain go away.

The program that is working for me has also helped my friends suffering from pulsatile tinnitus.  It’s called Tinnitus Remedy and I highly recommend it.  It’s natural, holistic and combines all of the approaches that have worked for me and I believe will give you relief and hopefully a total cure.  Check this program out here.

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